Sunday, January 15, 2006


North and North west Part 4

Meghavahanas of Kalinga: In the middle of the first century B.C, Kalinga rose to power under Kharevala the third ruler of Cheta dynasty. The only source of information about this king is the Hatigumpha inscription on Udaigiri hills near Bhubaneshwar. The Kharvela inscription is said to be a unique one. It gives the bio graphical accounts of the kings not in general terms, but year wise. Kharvela invaded Magadha twice during his reign. During his second campaign, harvela carried home an image of Jain tirthankara from Magadha, which had been previously taken away from Kalinga.The wealth he acquired during his campaign were spent to build a magnificient temple in Bhubaneswar. No details are heard about his sucessors.

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