Sunday, January 15, 2006


North and North West Part 3

Yavanas (Indo-Greeks): Yavanas, also known as Indo-Greeks and their advent in India began with Alexander the Great. When Alexander died in Babylon, the two main areas Bactria and Partia(adjoining areas of Iran) started dis-integrating. His generals declared themselves as kings.

Diodotus the governor of Bactria, revolted against Greeks and proclaimed himself as king. The other notable Indo-Greek kings were Demetrius, Menander,Eucradites and Euthydemus.

Among all these kings, the notable was Menander (165-145 B.C) who ruled for almost 20 years. His capital was sakala(modern Silakot of Pakistan).His territory extended from Afghanistan to Uttar Pradesh in the east to Gujarat in the west. Menander was converted to Buddhism by Buddhist monk Nagasena. Menander asked Nagasena questions related to Buddhism and Philosophy and they are recorded in Milindapanho or Questions of Milinda. In the history of India, Ind0-Greek rulers were the first to have carried their potraits or names of the kings in the coins.

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