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North and North west Part 2

Sakas: The Sakas also known as Scythians destroyed the rule of Indo-Greek rule in North-western India. The Sakas or Scythians were nomadic central asian tribes who were turned out of their home land (165 B.C) by Yueh-chi(Kushanas).The in-roads made by these tribes were due to the prevailing conditions in Central Asia and North-western China.

The sakas were divided in to five branches and established themselves in various parts of India.

One branch settled in Afghanistan
Second branch settled in Punjab with capital as Taxila.
The third branch settled in Mathura.
The fourth branch settled in Saurastra and Maharastra.
The fifth branch in Central India with Ujjain as it's capital.

Although Sakas ruled different parts of the country, the most prominent rulers emerged from Western and Central India.

Nahapana was the most prominent ruler of western India and his inscriptions were found in Maharastra and in the records of Satavahana.

Rudradaman emerged as the prominent ruler in central India, and his inscriptions were found in Junargh Rock. He undertook the repairs of Sudarsan Lake dam in Kathiawad, which was built by the provincial governor of Chandra Gupta Maurya.
Ujjaiyani was the capital of Rudradaman and became the centre of culture and education.

Saka Dynasty ended in the hands of Chandra Gupta II of the Gupta Dynasty about 390 A.D.

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