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North and North west Part 1

Sunga Dynasty: The Mauryas were succeeded by the Sungas and they ruled for 112 years from 187 B.C to 75 B.C. Tradition affirms that through out the history of Sunga Dynasty, the high positions were occupied by Brahmans.

Sources mentioning this period:

Patanjali a contemporary of Pushyamitra mentions invasion of Yavanas

Kalidasa also mentions aboutVasumitra's conflict with Yavanas in his Malavikagnimitram.

Pushyamitra Sunga(187-148 B.C): It is said that Pushyamitra Sunga killed his king Brihadratha while he was inspecting the guard of honour. The army did not revolt against him, which shows they were loyal to his Senapathi instead their king. Even after becoming the king he retained the title of Senapathi. The first event of Pushyamitra was the annexation of Vidharba by defeating Yajasena. He also faced the invading army of Yavanas who reached upto Pataliputra.It's known from the literature that Pushyamitra performed Ashvamedha after this war.

According to Divyavadhana, Pushyamitra persecuted Buddhism. But in the lights of the fact that Stupas at Sanchi and Bharhut were enlarged and provided with gates. So this allegation does not seem to be true.

Agnimithra Sunga (148-140 B.C): Pushyamitra was succeded by his son Agnimitra who had gained statecraft while serving as governor of Vidisha under his father.No events on his reign were known, nor any inscriptions or coins.

Puranas speak of ten kings of Sunga Dynasty. Bhagavatha, one of the later kings of Sunga Dynasty; in whose court Heliodorus, the ambassador of Antialkidas dwelled.

Sungas were replaced by Kanvas about whom not much is known.

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