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Deccan and South India 235 B.C - 850 A.D - Part 4

Chalukyas of Badami :The Vakatakas were followed by the Chalukyas of Badami. The Chalukyas began with a base at Badami and Aihole, then they moved northwards and annexed areas around Nasik and upper Godavari region.

Pulakesin II (610 A.D - 640 A.D): Pulakesin II was the greatest king of Chalukyan dynasty. He was the contemporary of Harshavardhana of Kanauj. The detailed account of his victories as well as the history of Chalukyas is recorded in the Aihole inscription composed by Ravikirti.

Vishnuvardhan: Vishnuvardhan, son of Pulakesin II founded the eastern branch of Chalukyas, with it's capital first at Pistapur and later at Vengi. This branch remained independent from the western branch and excercised uninterrupted sway over the kingdom up to the twelfth Century.

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