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Deccan and South India 235 B.C - 850 A.D - Part 3

The contemporaries of Chalukya and the Pallavas in the Deccan were the Gangas and the Kadambas.

Gangas: (350 - 550 A.D)The Western Gangas, so called to distunguish themselves from eastern Ganga of Kalinga, ruled over large parts of Mysore. The region was called after them as Gangavadi.
They had matrimonial alliances with Chalukyas of Badami, Pallavas and the Rastrakutas.

Konkanivarman Dharmamahadhiraja: 
Konkanivarman Dharmamahadhiraja probably ruled in the second half of the fourth century A.D and had his capital at Kolar.

Duruvinita: Duruvinita was a prominent ruler and scholar of Kannada and Sanskrit literature.

Sripurusa: Sripurusa was another prominent ruler of the dynasty and shifted his capital Manyapura and his kingdom was known as Srirajya.

Kadamba Dynasty: Kadamba Dynasty was founded by Mayursarman, a learned brahman, it is said that he went to receive education at Kanchi, but was insulted by officials at Kanchi.
In order avenge, he took up military profession and defeated the Pallava officials. The Kadambas ruled from Banavasi from 345 - 365 A.D. Kakustavarman (435 -455 A.D) was the most powerful king and administrator of the Kadamaba dynasty, established matrimonial alliances with the Gangas and the Guptas.After his death Kadambas split in to two, one ruling from the Banavasi and the other from Triparvata. The ruler from Triparvata, Krishnavarma I united the family, but Chalukyas of Badami annexed their kingdom around 540 A.D

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