Sunday, January 15, 2006


Deccan and South India 235 B.C - 850 A.D - Part 2

Vakatakas:  After the Satavahana rule in the Deccan in the first half of the third century A.D, the Vakatakas rose to power in 250 A.D. Vindyasakti was the founder of the Vakatakas dynasty. He was succeded by his son Pravarasena, who was the real founder of Vakataka empire in central and western India. He was the only ruler in Vakataka dynasty to have accorded the title of Samrat. He performed Vajapeya and four Ashwamedhayajanas.The successors of Pravarasena divided the empire in to two parts, the main branch and the Vatasagulma branch. The importance of their political might was felt by ChandraGupta II, who married his daughter Prabahavati Gupta to Rudrasena II of Vakataka.

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